Virtual Reality? Video Games the Right Way! $1,000+

You may have seen virtual reality in the movies or on your favorite TV show but right now your kids are hoping you drop $1,000+ and fulfill their gaming dreams.  In this article, we are going to review the Playstation VR available this Christmas.

Chances are you have heard of Playstation before but you may not have tried the just over a year old virtual reality set up available from SONY for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PlayStation VRPhoto of SONY VR Skyrim bundle

SONY’s new Playstation VR comes with three main elements which support virtual reality gaming. Purchasers will need to make sure they have the VR Headset, PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Move Controllers.  All three are essential for the virtual reality experience.

SONY’s Playstation VR is an immersive dive into 3-D gaming and provides unique, graphically enhanced 3D gaming. The headset is less cumbersome than you might imagine and once inside it is easy to get lost within the 3D environments which several of the games provide.

The Games

Games such as Farpoint, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Grand Tourismo, Resident Evil 7 and over 200+ titles provide immersive gameplay for the heavy gamers.

PlayStation 4 Pro

For those of you who have advanced to 4K television and who are feeling extra generous for the holidays, you may want to upgrade your gaming system to the new PlayStation 4 Pro. With a  faster processor, better graphics card and support for 4k graphics and streaming, the PlayStation 4 Pro might be what your gaming system needs for 2018! 


As with any gaming system, there are a number of accessories which make the gaming experience come to life. The VR Headset, Move Controllers, and PlayStation Camera are all required but these accessories will make your gaming experience top notch.

Photo of SONY AIM controller bundleAim Controller

Available in a bundle with Farpoint for $79.99 from most stores that sell PlayStation VR, the Aim Controller puts the feeling of a real rifle in your hands. It makes games like Farpoint, ROM: Extraction, Bravo Team, and Arizona Sunshine so much more realistic and fun to play.

Steering Wheels

Are you a Grand Tourismo fan? Like racing games? Well look into one of the awesome steering wheels and shifting pedal packages that are compatible with PlayStation VR. For driving fanatics, there is nothing like using Playstation VR and one of the driving accessories packages to make you feel like you are in the car. Wait till you’re behind the Ferarri 458 Italia downshifting into that turn and Indianapolis in the Playstation VR  Headset.

What we recommend:

PlayStation VR: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Bundle: $450

Photo of SONY Skyrim VR bundle box

PlayStation Pro (Star Wars: Battle Front 2): $450

Photo of Playstation Pro Battlefront II bundle

FarPoint Aim Controlled bundle: $79.99

Photo of Sony VR AIM controller bundle

Racing Wheels (Several Manufacturers):  $199 – $399

Games : $20 -$49 +   

Make sure you pick up 4-5 games to make sure to get full use out of the system 


You can pick up the PlayStation Pro, Playstation VR, games and accessories at Best Buy in Wyomissing or you can order this starter package online through Amazon!

Playstation 4 Pro 1TB Console + Playstation 2 Pack Move Motion Controllers + Playstation VR Bundle ( 3 – Items )


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