Conronavirus cases explode past 400,000 with 41,373 cases reported yesterday

Reading, PA- Coronavirus cases are surging while setting new daily records worldwide.

Johns Hopkins is reporting that the worldwide total for Covi-19 cases has reached 417,698. The increase of 41,371 new cases yesterday, March 22nd, was nearly ten thousand higher than the previous record of 32,453 from the previous day. 

The United States total has now surged to 53,268 confirmed cases. The highest individual state total is now New York which has 25,677 infected.

Pennsylvania is reporting 946 confirmed cases with only 16 cases being confirmed in Berks County.  

New testing facilities in Berks County and all over are being very strict with authorizing tests. Multiple attempts to get tested at Tower Health’s new testing site in Berks County were met with significant triage profiling and I was informed by Tower Health’s triage nurse that unless you are a first responder, a medical worker, or someone with direct contact and serious symptoms that it will be tough to get tested until testing is more widespread and more tests become available. 

Testing facilities also seemed to be concerned that bringing patients in for testing my expose them to the virus. It should be noted that Penn State Health’s St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Berks County did open a drive-up testing facility at their location on Bern Rd. 

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