Best Commercial Investment Properties in Berks County! is going to take a look at 5 of the best commercial investment properties in Berks County for 2019! Some of these properties may require some negotiation on price but there are certainly some great opportunities in Berks County!


249 Penn St. Reading PA 19601 – $575, 000

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This property is the current Reading Bus Terminal which a new owner could opt to renew the agreement or develop the property. This is prime real estate right on 3rd & Penn St. which features two open lots. The building has an additional upper level which houses buses currently. One idea might be developing the parking lot with Penn St. frontage while creating a new agreement with the bus companies for the additional lot and building. Regardless of what your plans are this is a large property with good traffic in a prime commercial area in downtown Reading. Overall it looks like an opportunity for a developer to cash in while helping the foudnation of downtown Reading. I would even look for incentives and help from the Reading Downtown Improvement District and other organizations focused on redevelopment.


10 Stonehedge Rd. Fleetwood, PA 19522 – $4,900,000 

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This Golf Course represents an opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur or experienced operator. Dividing the Golf Course and the restaurant-catering-events business could be a profitable and rewarding experience for the right person. The wedding catering business is always a great way to turn a profit and the restaurant on the property provides an eclectic opportunity for high-end food and entertainment. The ability to subcontract the operations of the golf course out might be an option to reduce operating responsibility and bring in revenue for someone without as much experience in the field.  The price may need to be negotiated but there is certainly some great opportunity here. The demographics are good and the area lacks attractive entertainment options. 


801 Lancaster Ave. Reading PA 19607 – $1,500,000

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This property has some real potential. It is a particularly high traffic area right on dealership way on Lancaster Avenue. The property has a large amount of frontage on the avenue, is 3.37 acres, has an additional 1.61 acre attached lot available for purchase, and the building’s structure is unique and well designed for an auto business. Multiple bay doors, a big showroom, and many other features make this building attractive for an incoming auto business. I would double check but I am sure the zoning would be in place and the only issue is Reading’s slightly higher taxes which for an incoming business might be balanced with an abatement for new businesses. The building could surely be renovated for an updated look but there is a lot to like about this property. 


401 Main St. Oley PA 19547 – $349,900

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This Bed & Breakfast is the perfect opportunity for someone interested in rental income at an affordable price. This property is situated squarely in the town of Oley and would be a perfect opportunity for many reasons. The property has six lovely boarding rooms which could be rented out and even includes an additional two bedroom “Owner” or master suite with a private bath featuring a jacuzzi tub.  The professional kitchen could be rented out to a catering company or baker for additional revenue.

There is plenty of space on the ground floor for the property to be used for society dinners, meetings or small special events.  

If each of the 6 bedroom rents for an average of $600 a month, the master suite rents for $1,000 and the kitchen rents for $1,000 then the property would gross $5,600 a month plus any additional revenue generated from the ground floor event space rentals. That looks to be a great deal on a $349,900 asking price!


500 George St. Reading, PA 19605 – $1,000,000

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This property is known as Fantasy Skating Center and I like this property for a number of reasons. This property could be updated and combined with a local restaurant liquor license to create a skating rink and entertainment complex that catered to children during the day and adults at night. With an updated feel and interior this space would be great for kids events during the day and would provide a unique alternative for adults in Berks County at night. Disco skate nights were all the rage back in the day and with an updated look this space would be a hit with both kids and adults for birthdays and special events. A groovy nightclub feel with a DJ would make this place pop at night.

Keep in mind the neighboring mall is being redeveloped with residential housing and the Reading Phillies stadium is right across the street. This property is in a high traffic area and this structure would be easy to tear down should the new owner decide to develop the property for a different use. 


About the Author – 

photo of Joe DiRosa
Joe DiRosa

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several brands and web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at

Jumbo Mortgages: All You Need to Know

If you are looking at buying a luxury home valued over a half million dollars then you are likely going to need a Jumbo Mortgage. is taking a look at Jumbo Mortgages to give you all the information you need to know!



To understand Jumbo Mortgages first we need to understand why they exist. Fannie Mae, which buys most bank and mortgage company’s home loans has a limit to the amount of the loan they will acquire. For most areas, that number is $453,100 but in areas with higher home prices that number can go as high as $679,650. Depending on your area, any loan over the loan amount designated for that area is considered a Jumbo Mortgage. 

Since Fannie Mae will not buy loans over that amount the banks are responsible for either holding the jumbo mortgage or finding investors to purchase the loans themselves. This means there is a slightly greater risk for the banks and that they must tie up their own capital over longer periods of time. 

As we all know with greater risk comes higher costs. Jumbo loans often have higher qualification standards such as higher interest rates, larger down payments, increased capital reserve requirements and higher credit score requirements to qualify. Often on jumbo mortgages banks can require two separate appraisals on the property as well.

Historically lenders have required 20% down, anywhere from .5% to 1% higher interest rates and a 700+ credit score to qualify for a jumbo mortgage. More recently banks have been leaning towards attracting high net worth clients and their banking business so recently it has been easier to find rates similar to existing FHA rates and with down payments as low as 5%.

I recently spoke with Scott Li the Owner of, who handles Jumbo and Super Jumbo Mortgages and he said:

photo of Scott Li - Owner,
Scott Li –

“Wholesale lenders (lenders that work with brokers) have definitely noticed how competitive retail banks have gotten with jumbo mortgage rates. For banks, it’s not just about providing their client with just a low-interest rate. Like Joe DiRosa from said, they want all of that high net worth individual’s business, be it banking, retirement account, unsecured loans etc… Wholesale lenders have responded with not only low rates of their own but also have adopted special programs to qualify self-employed individuals or W-2 earners who don’t fit the retail banks’ strict guidelines.”

Another aspect of qualifying for a Jumbo Mortgage is your capital reserves. Most conventional and FHA loans do not require capital reserves to qualify, but with Jumbo Mortgages lenders generally, are looking for 6-24 months of capital reserves to approve the loan. 

Today with all the lender options and the competitive loan programs buying a luxury home is easier today than it has likely ever been.  Be financially responsible and do your homework but the terms offered in today’s market are certainly favorable to consumers. 


About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several brands and web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at

Best Summertime Luxury Living Homes for Sale is taking a look at the best luxury homes for entertaining and lifestyle fun for Summertime! Get ready for plenty of pools, jacuzzis, wet bars, game rooms, decks and much more!


5024 Oley Turnpike Rd. Exeter PA 19606$949,000

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Looking for the life of luxury? Let’s start with this 7,500+ sq ft home in Exeter School District architectural designed home which has so many features your going to want to move in tomorrow. Included in this nearly 5 acres estate is a beautiful infinity swimming pool with a separate jacuzzi area, a workout room, billiards room, wet bar, game room and a wrap around terrace. The home also includes plenty of luxury upgrades to suit your many desires! Reasonably priced at $949,000!


1170 Old Mill Ln, Wyomissing, PA 19610$925,000

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Located in Wyomissing this fantastic 6,441 sq ft home is equipped with everything you need to entertain including a great room with fireplace and bar. In addition to the magnificent pool area, you also have a finished lower level with full additional wet bar, game and media room, and an additional half bath. Let’s not forget this house has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and 3 half baths. Luxury living in the heart of Wyomissing! 


112 Robert Rd, Wyomissing, PA 19610 – $899,900

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Another beautiful Wyomissing home, this palatial pad features over 8,700+ sq ft of living space, pool, with jacuzzi area and beautiful multi level trex deck. The home also features a 2 story fireplace, gym area, spa room with indoor jacuzzi, library and basement that has a walkout into the pool. Lets not forget the 4 bedrooms, 5 baths and 2 half baths that encompass the private living space! This place is perfect for your 4th of July entertaining! Available for $899,900!


200 Sherwood Dr, Reading, PA 19606 – $599,000

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This 4 bedroom 3 and a half bath is made for entertaining! With nearly 5,000 sq. ft. and luxury amenities such as a heated pool, jacuzzi, outdoor patio area, screening room, gym, lower level game room with a wet bar and many more luxury amenities. This home also has an outdoor pond with a waterfall for those of you who appreciate beautiful landscaping! Priced extremely reasonable at $599,000! The perfect Summer home!


54 Pine Forge Rd, Boyertown, PA 19512 – $1,500,000

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This beautiful home is for those of you who are into a more rustic feel and enjoy outdoor activities.  The house was built in 1760 but has been recently modernized. The home is over 5,100 sq. ft. and sits on 46 acres of incredible land. The luxury features of this include a horse barn with 8 stalls, an original barn for your outdoor recreational vehicles, several fenced in pastures for the animals and multiple fireplaces. The incredible woodwork and gourmet kitchen are just some of the interior amenities. A definite must see for those of you who like horse farms! 


While there are plenty more luxury homes in Berks County for sale, these are the top picks for Summertime luxury living in Berks! 


About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at


Are Bank REO’s the Right Way to Go? takes a look at bank owned foreclosures and if they are the right way to go when purchasing a home or investment property.


At this point, many of us are familiar with the housing crisis from the end of the last decade and the consequences that have affected the real estate market. One of the opportunities that the financial crisis has afforded savvy buyers and investors in the opportunity to purchase bank-owned properties also known as REO’s.

These properties are the result of returned properties to the lender and foreclosures. They are often present opportunities to purchase properties at a substantial discount but often are not in optimal condition at the time of purchase. 

We are going to take a look at a couple of different bank-owned properties to discuss the opportunities and financials involved. 

Before we dive into the different available properties that are available I got some feedback from our resident Bank Owned Properties or REO expert Jen Dinatally who is one of the Owners at United Real Estate Strive 212. Jen has spent 15 years as a Realtor in PA and an additional six years prior, working in the foreclosure and loss mitigation department on the banking side. shows she has been involved with the sale of 170 properties in the last year. 


Jen’s tips are:

Photo of Jen Dinatally 
Jen Dinatally 

“REO properties are sold “as is”. “When looking at properties it is important to understand what that means.  It is also important to realize that the bank nor myself as the listing agent have any idea of what works or doesn’t work with the property since no seller disclosure was generated by the previous owner. That being said bank-owned properties can be a great deal if you understand that. You can get a sizable discount and closing can be completed as soon as the title is done on the property.”

Jen also revealed that you have to make sure the utilities are on for the appraiser, and that prospective buyers shouldn’t rush to make a lowball offer. “Don’t come to me with a half-priced offer if the property has been on the market for 24 hours” as the banks are likely not to accept the offer.

She also suggests the purchasers of REO properties should invest in a home warranty to protect themselves. “You can get a home warranty on any property so make sure you get one on a property where you know you might have some unforeseen problems”.

Lets dive into some property analysis!


14 Windsor Ct, Reading, PA 19606 – $114,900 

This lovely townhome has been on the market for just over 60 days. The community Wingspread is a thriving one located in Exeter School District. The offered price of $114,900 is very reasonable and equates to a lovely price per sq. ft. of $75.29. The property is sold “as is” but looks to be in good shape for a bank owned property. With a good school district, a thriving community, good commuter highways and a decent price, this property is primed for someone to take advantage of.  Perfect for a first time home buyer or a savvy investor. 


412 Greenwood Ave, Pottsville, PA 17901 – $11,000

This is your basic cheap acquisition. The property will likely need some work but doesn’t look to be in too bad of shape. The price is extremely reasonable at $11,000, making it the perfect starter investment property. Fix this property up and rent it out! A smart investor should recoup his costs within the first 3-5 years! Technically this property is cheating since it isn’t in Berks County but at $11,000 I couldn’t resist!


39 Estates Dr, Reading, PA 19606 – $214,900

This property will either be a dream home for someone or represent a sizable profit for someone looking to flip the property. This property is over 3,700 sq. ft and has a finished basement with a half bath. The price per sq foot is a very reasonable $57.22. The property is assessed at more than the sale price and has been on the market for over 250 days as well.  The taxes are high at over $10k per year but the property and its location are very desirable. Given the sale price, you could likely even petition the local tax board for a reduction in property taxes.  This one looks like a steal for someone with the proper financing! 


182 Dogwood Dr, Bernville, PA 19506 – $190,000

This is certainly a property to keep an eye out for. This property just came on the market and is your standard four bedrooms two and a half bath development home. The price per sq foot is a reasonable $80.37 and the property taxes are very reasonable at $5,245 per year. The property does need some work but the discount compared to neighborhood property sales will give the incoming buyer a chance to make the home their own. It has only been on the market for a couple of days so they aren’t likely to negotiate much yet but there is definitely some value is this single family home. 


281 Schoffers Rd, Reading, PA 19606

Something about this property seems like it should be given a closer look. The property is listed for $124,900 which equates to a very reasonable $67.95 per sq foot. The property sits on 2.86 acres which might be the real value in this single family home. The home has lots of windows, two fireplaces and ranch-style homes are always slightly more desirable when you are looking to sell. It has been on the market for over 50 days as well. 


Regardless of whether you are a first time home buyer or a savvy investor you should always do your homework before purchasing any property. Bank owned properties really do present a significant opportunity for those who are willing to put the work in!


About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me


Best Properties For Sale With A Pool takes a look at the best homes in Berks County for sale with a swimming pool! Get an early start thinking about which home you would like for next Summer or buy a home with an indoor pool and keep skinny dipping all Winter!


240 Landruhe Ln, Reading, PA 19607 – $1,200,000

Exquisite 22-acre Estate with an 1850 Stone Farmhouse that has 6 working fireplaces. Huge in-ground concrete swimming pool with immense chalet pool house. Lighted Tennis Court. Pond with Fountain. Office/rental house, workshop, and numerous outbuildings. Secluded yet convenient that boarders Flying Hills in Governor Mifflin School District. Very Private long macadamed driveway that meanders through the woods and over a creek to the property. There is an abundance of wildlife at your doorstep and all around you. Fields and woods surround the Estate. Home does need some updating and cosmetics to make it great again! Pre-approved buyers only and listing agent will accompany all showings. Please do not drive down the back lane without confirmation of a showing! 1 year home warranty at full price. Immediate Possession Possible! This is a Once in a LifeTime Property to Own!


29 Kegerise Dr, Temple, PA 19560 – $595,000

4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, a finished basement, indoor pool and a great all around property!


490 Siegfriedale Rd, Maxatawny, PA 19530 – $550,000

Flaming sunsets and whispering fields of wheat are the canvas for Fainting Goat Farm located just west of the Rodale Institute and Lehigh County’s numerous wineries. Drive home each day to a quiet place amidst the rolling hills of eastern Berks county that beckons you to walk, bike and travel its scenic byways filled with farms and livestock, woodlands and streams, and locally grown produce for your very own farm to table experience. This multi-purpose homestead is truly one of a kind. It includes a converted barn, a residential dwelling, fenced pastures for livestock, an in-ground pool and an attractive metal structure suitable for garage or animal husbandry use. Formerly operated as an Airbnb serving Rodale Institute weddings, events, & organic farming principals. Also utilized for Kutztown University events, Lehigh Valley wine tours, and family vacations in the country. Please select the video icon beneath the main photograph to get a glimpse of this beautiful opportunity.


103 Turkey Rd, Albany, PA 19529 – $1,695,000

Exquisite Gentleman’s Farm. Enter macadam driveway through a cluster of trees and between 2 ponds. Fabulous blend of an old farmhouse and a new 2 story addition creating a fantastic wall of windows that brings light into entire home and includes a family room with stack stone fireplace and hardwood floors. New kitchen appeals to the chef with Dacor 6 burner propane cooktop and electric broiler and convection oven, Subzero refrigerator and beautiful granite tops on center island with freezer drawers below. All open views to ponds to the west and in-ground pool and pavilion to the east. 2nd and 3rd floor provides 5 bedrooms including a master suite plus a delightful laundry room. Outside you’ll find a 2 car garage with storage room and full bath plus 2 bedroom apt. above and there’s a separate 3 bedroom house both ideal for extended family or rental income. There’s also a large bank barn, equipment shed, tool room and all in the middle of a breathtaking 93-acre property.

23 School House Rd, Hereford, PA 18056 – $319,900
Spectacular 3BR/2.5BTH nestled on 3.29 meticulously landscaped acres in Hereford Twp. This fantastic home has been upgraded inside & out w/ new roof, new siding, new real HWFL throughout, granite, exposed beams, new fixtures & more! Drywalled 2 car attached garage, 2C pole building & a fabulous In ground pool all surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Greeting you inside a Large LR offers a warm propane FP, updated kit features a breakfast bar, granite tops, glass backsplash & custom cabinets w/ under mounted lighting. Spacious Master Suite offers 2 closets & FB. 2 more sizable bedrooms, full bath, laundry area & powder room complete the main floor. Downstairs, Partially finished w/a fam/rec room, dry bar & propane stove. New Heat pump, propane back up, central a/c & convenient emergency back up generator ensures you will never be left in the dark! Relax on your front porch or rear multi-level deck Prime location!! Easily commute to the Lehigh Valley, Reading & King of Prussia.
Those are my five picks for best homes for sale with pools in Berks County PA. Enjoy!

About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at


A Look at Potential Investment Properties


We all know the life of luxury doesn’t happen without some hard work and some smart investments. Here are a couple of potential investment properties which could improve your portfolio and make sure you are booking a private jet for your next vacation!


205 S Beech St, Fleetwood, PA 19522    $399,900

This multi-unit opportunity has quite a few things going for it that make it a potentially attractive investment. Priced at $399,900 this property features four townhouses on over 2 acres of land which can be subdivided. The property also features 10 parking spots for tenants. Looking to bring in monthly revenue? You might consider renovating the individual units, increasing rents and letting the money roll in. Looking for a flip? Then you might consider renovating, subdividing the individual units and selling each individually. 

The property is close enough to Kutztown University to be able to take advantage of student housing rental rates. Additionally, the property has a well and own septic system so as a landlord you have no water or sewer bills!  Given the property has 2.16 acres of land you may even look to develop and add more units!

129 W Main St, Kutztown, PA 19530  – $1,150,000

Another property in the proximity of Kutztown University makes the list. This property located in the heart of Kutztown is an investor’s dream. Zoned completely for student housing this building holds up to 24 individual students in a variety of apartment layouts. Income from the different units as well as the commercial space and coin-operated laundry make this opportunity pretty enticing. A cap rate of 10.79% claimed in the listing means it will outperform most of your mutual funds and have you on the path to a luxury lifestyle.  With the commercial space rented, it’s proximity to Kutztown University and 100% occupancy each school year for the last 10 years this property might make a solid investment to your portfolio!

700 Upland Ave, Reading, PA 19607 – $125,000

This property is quite the conundrum. This used to be the former home of the Upland Cafe which was a fairly good restaurant and neighborhood bar. At $125,000 the property alone seems like it should be a good investment but the sale price does not include the liquor license. Per the PLCB records the owner does still have the liquor license in escrow. If you could acquire a liquor license at a reasonable amount then you are into a bar-restaurant for a little over $200k which isn’t a bad deal at all. It is a relatively high traffic area with Alvernia University just around the corner but beware competition is heavy in that area with Trooper Thorn’s and the Liberty Ale House nearby. The idea of owning and operating a fully functional bar and restaurant in a decent neighborhood, right next to Alvernia University, for under $250k makes this an opportunity any experienced operator with a little vision should take a look at. 

221 Reading Ave, Reading, PA 19607  – $125,000

This one won’t jump out at you as a huge money maker but a 2 unit in Governor Mifflin School District for $125k should at least deserve a few minutes of your time. The property features 2 one bedroom units with gas heat. As a landlord, you could look at splitting the utilities to the units and letting the tenants pay their own utilities to maximize profit. This property won’t make you a millionaire but it provides you with some hassle-free income!

135 Bernhart Ave, Reading, PA 19605 – $81,700

Two unit in Muhlenberg School District for $81,700. That should be enough but the owner claims the property was generating $15,600 a year in rent with tenants paying their own heat and electric. There are limited pictures available but the numbers make sense for a property that might need some renovation.  If the property can pay for itself in 5 or 6 years then any serious investor should take a look.


There you have it.. These are at least some of the deals you should be taking a look at if you are looking to get into real estate investing. Obviously, there are tons of real estate opportunities out there in land development, commercial properties, and portfolio purchases but in this article, we focused on mostly smaller residential based investments to get you started.


About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at

Top 5 Most Expensive Properties For Sale in Berks County.

Are you at the top of the food chain? Looking to splurge on your next home? Here are the most expensive homes for sale in Berks County!


140 Evans Rd, Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Professionally restored & renovated. Every inch of this 8400 square feet historic 1736 circa stone manor has been upgraded or restored by the seller’s crew of four craftsmen. Interior surfaces have been stripped, refinished, replastered (wet plaster) and brought to life! 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 5 fireplaces, a new 340 SF sunroom added and 3rd-floor library created. The summer kitchen has been transformed into an art studio. Cottage with walk-in fireplace has been restored & upgraded as caretaker residence or rental. Carriage barn completely rehabilitated to include a 1,000 SF-1 BR and 850 SF 2-floor home office with powder room, plus 5 car garage on the lower level. Bank barn features 12,000 SF of heated, finished gallery space; 9-stall horse barn completely restored with equipment room, tack room, feed room and heated wash bay; shavings shed, hay shed, equipment building and powder room; new roll-up barn doors, a storage building for lawn equipment and a 3-BR groom’s quarters. New exterior fenestration, lighting, paddock & 4 adjacent turnout fields with fresh fencing. Indoor riding arena/multi-purpose building provides 11,250 SF with a new exterior & lighted riding arena with composite surface fencing. Water features include stream with walking/horse bridge, pond behind home & in-ground pool aside of home! **Full furnishings, including over 1.3 million dollars worth of historic American period antiques, can be purchased for an additional $800,000.**


176 Maple Rd, Mohnton, PA 19540


For the FIRST time on the market one of the most magnificent properties, within one hour from Philadelphia and 30 minutes west of the Mainline. The Tuscon Villa sitting majestically on 19 acres of meticulously landscaped property, with sunset and mountain views that really do transport you into Tuscany Italy, known for its landscapes, artistic surroundings, pure warmth, and beauty. Current owners built out their vision over two years and $1.5 million renovations. When you first enter the gated entrance, you feel like you just arrived at your favorite vacation destination, complete with endless greenery, gardens, outdoor pool, & spa with complete kitchen, barbecue area, stone walkways, lined with flowers, and stunningly maintained lawns and shrubbery. Views for miles as you stroll down through the pergolas, fountains, and beautiful pond outlined with stone and of course nature’s natural wildlife. The interior of your new home is a jaw dropper!!! Over 12,000 sqft of the highest end finishes throughout this two story 30 room masterpiece. Hardwood flooring throughout, Italian marble and tile, granite counter tops, exposed beamed ceilings, multiple stone fireplaces, just to name a few. 8 bedrooms / 8 baths with huge walk-in closet space, unparalleled warmth and design. Soaring 30 ft ceilings as natural light floods throughout enhance the homes inner beauty. The kitchen and dining areas are the centerpiece of your home, as any world-renowned chef would be proud of as your family and guests, I guarantee will never leave the multiple tables designed of white vibrant woods, stone backsplashes along with warm tones of granite and marble finishes. The entertainment section of your new home is one like no other. You enter a wine cellar through Iron insulated doors in a deep copper finish, as your wine ferments in the perfect climate. Walk in and sample your favorite bottle of vino directly on the sampling table surrounded by stone and deep woods. The bar wraps around in polished granite and wood with comfortable seating for at least 12. Then shuffle the deck in your very own card room, or rack them up in the pool room, or chill in the media room. 5 car oversized attached Garage, 3 car detached barn. 9 acres of the 19 acres can be sub-divided for a generational compound or possibly a cooperate re-treat. Think of this home as a private 5-Star luxury resort…That really sums it up!


325 Huntzinger Rd, Wernersville, PA 19565

Perfect property for the experienced Equestrian or the avid hunter. Words cannot describe this amazing 176-acre one-of-a-kind property… This amazing restored stone farmhouse offers original charm with updated details & amenities-Great for entertaining/Stone bank barn with stalls & custom workshop/Large Garage with Apartment or Full Guest Suite/Multiple pastures/ Scenic spring-fed pond/Many wooded areas/Large outdoor riding ring/ Multiple decks & patios…This incredible property has something for everyone!!!

Conrad Weiser High School

100 Looking Glass Ln, Mohnton, PA 19607


Property Recently Subdivided – Main House is Being Offered at Current Price and Adjoining Secondary Parcel with Residence & Buildings Along Rt. 625 Can Be Purchased Additionally! Imagine being surrounded by over 65 acres of untouched land, across from Nolde Forest State Park, yet a 10-minute drive to town and conveniences! 2 refurbished 1 bed/bath cabins, a kennel with heat and AC, plus shed. The luxurious main residence was built 10 years ago with 3 finished levels, an elevator to all floors, an attached oversized 3-car garage, plus a detached 4-car garage with adjoining greenhouse & tall bay for large vehicles. The property is accessible from Freemansville Road as well as Rt. 625 with 4 driveway alarms and camera surveillance throughout. The finer details of the main house are 9+ foot ceilings and doors showcasing Rosette corner block moldings and decorative door handles throughout. Sweeping grand foyer allows guests to marvel at the impressive marble fireplace with elaborate wood mantel in the living room, widening staircase with balcony landing, stately dining room featuring double tray ceiling, ceiling medallion above chandelier and swing doors to butler’s kitchen. The custom cherry kitchen is complemented by distressed cream cabinetry, tumbled marble backsplash with accent tiles, granite countertops, plus islands. Open views of morning room and stunning great room from the kitchen! Master Bedroom Suite includes a sitting room, walk-in closet, and a lavish bath. The entertaining lower level starts with the widening double scroll bottom staircase to this openly designed space for media, sitting, enormous wet bar, full bath, wine cellar, exercise room, tiled shower/steam bath, billiards and second laundry room. ? Secondary House is can be purchased with the main residence along with fascinating original masonry and log structures along stream including a pump house and sawmill. The Ranch residence was built 11.5 years ago offering 13 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 3 full/1 half baths. Patios for serene outdoor living areas at both houses!


1198 Reading Blvd, Wyomissing, PA 19610

This Magnificent “One of a Kind” Mansion designed by the famous Philadelphia architects Rabenold & Seyburger has been restored and updated to perfection. Enjoy all the artistry of marble floors and Ornate Fireplaces and Fine architectural details in wood paneling, crown molding, and built-ins. The gorgeous staircase features a barrel ceiling and Impressive Leaded stained glass windows and doors. The huge gourmet kitchen opens to a breakfast area, a wet bar and Sundrenched Family Room with Built-ins and Fireplace. The formal Dining Room and Livingroom flank a spectacular marble Entry both with gorgeous original fireplaces. The Fountain Room off the Formal Livingroom is freshly painted and features custom tile work and windows galore. Upstairs relax in the Library or experience the Luxury of a Huge Master Suite with Steam Shower, Dressing Area, Private Laundry, and his/hers closets. The Two Additional Bedroom Suites on this floor feature gorgeous updated original baths. The Third floor houses 5 great size bedrooms and a black and white tile hall bath. A rear foyer connects the kitchen area with the garage and a fantastic In-Law Apartment above with white kitchen, granite tops, gorgeous tile bath, living room and bedroom. Room count includes the apartment. The Lower Level includes a snack bar area adjacent to a huge Home Theater and playroom. There is a laundry area and Pool access with His/Hers Bath and changing rooms…Outside enjoy a lovely kidney shaped pool, state of the art Sport Court and bocce court. This classic home offers everything today’s family looks for! 


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