Award Winning Wines at Berks County’s Vineyards!

Berks County traditionally isn’t known for impressive vineyards but perhaps it should be. explores several vineyards in Berks County where you can pick up some award-winning wines!


Pinnacle Ridge Winery

Photo of Pinnacle Ridge Winery
Pinnacle Ridge Winery

Located in Northern Berks County is Pinnacle Ridge Winery which has a bevy of award-winning wines produced right here in Berks County. Pinnacle Ridge Winery is run by the husband and wife team of Brad and Leoni Knapp who have put together one of the most delightful winery experiences around.

Pinnacle Ridge has a plethora of activities for those looking for good wine and eclectic experience. Stop by any of their hours and enjoy their tasting room which allows 6 samples for only $5. For those looking for a more engulfing experience then check out their Summer Concert Series which features a different band each week. If you like the wine make sure to check out their Case Club which offers discounts on case purchases of wine and gives members access to invite only tasting events. 

I spoke with Brad and he recommends some of this year’s award-winning wines Pinnacle Ridge has 


  • Brut Rose – Gold Medal 2019 Farm Show
  • Cuvee Chardonnay – Silver Medal 2019 Farm Show
  • Blanc de Blanc – Best in Show Sparkling Wine and Gold Medal 2019 Farm Show

Pinnacle Ridge Winery   407 Old 22, Kutztown, PA 19530    T:610 756 4481


Folino Estate

Photo of Folino Estate
Folino Estate

Folino Estate is another beautiful vineyard and restaurant run by another husband and wife team, Marco and Andrea Folino. Folino Estate’s restaurant features some of the best re-imagined and classic Italian cuisines in Berks County. The tasting room is filled with wonderful wines, enough for any connoisseur to spend the whole afternoon tasting. Folino also hosts a number of events each such as wine classes, live music on Sundays, special tastings and even a couple Summer festivals. 

Folino is a must visit for those looking for Berks County wines. We spoke with Folino Estate and they recommended:

  • Lorenzo Forte, is our award-winning, boldest red wine. A Bordeaux-Style, rich blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, & Merlot. Lorenzo Forte is named after the Folino’s eldest son, Lorenzo, and ‘Forte’ meaning ‘Strong.’ Winemaker’s pairing suggestion: Pairs well with a hard-cheese, robust meat dishes like beef or lamb, or dark chocolate.
  • Luca Forte, our award-winning dry white, is named after the Folino’s youngest son and is an elegant Burgundian style white blend of Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, & Chardonnay. There are additional notes of citrus, guava, & fresh herbsWinemaker’s pairing suggestion: Pair with smoked white meats like pork, chicken, and grilled seafood.Photo of Folino Estate white wine being poured in glass.
  • The Limited Edition Black Label Collection features handcrafted wines representing the age-old Italian style traditions and skills of passionate winemaking. Artfully oaked in French barrels, each wine is an exclusive, limited release and will age perfectly for the oenophile’s collection. The higher tannins present allow each variety to pair well with rich dark meats & game, earthy foods and herbaceous cheeses. Decanting is recommended to bring out the characters hidden in every bottle. Wines include: Sangiovese, Barbera, Tannat, and L’Amore di Lidia.

“We also offer three different sparkling wines, perfect for celebrations and entertaining. Wines include: Frizzante Rosso, Frizzante Moscato, and Frizzante Rosato. Best paired with salty or fried foods, and excellent to use for unique mimosas!”

A wonderful selection of wines, a truly beautiful winery and inspiring collection of events for entertainment, all make Folino Estate a must-visit destination!

Folino Estate  340 Old Route 22, Kutztown, PA 19530    T:484-452-3633


Calvaresi Winery

Photo of Calvaresi Winery sign.
Calvaresi Winery

Calvaresi Winery is a smaller winery located in the Bernville area of Berks County but their wines have collected nearly three dozen awards from various competitions over the last decade. They are only open Thursdays – Sundays but they should definitely be on the list of anyone looking for delicious wines. 

Calvaresi has several tasting and live-music events each year. If you stop by you might want to try their Riesling, which took home a gold medal at the 2018 PA Wine Show, as well as the Cabernet Sauvignon and Baco Noir which both took home bronze medals.

Calvaresi Winery  107 Shartlesville Rd, Bernville, PA 19506   T:(610) 488-7966


Berks County Wine Trail

Photo of Berks County Wine Trail signage.

The Berks County Wine Trail is a group of ten of the local vineyards and one meadery, in Berks County, who have grouped together to market their wineries as well as their group tastings and events.

The wine trail includes the previously mentioned Calvaresi Winery, as well as the Deerfoot Winery, Kog Hill Winery, Long Trout WineryManatawny Creek WineryRidgewood WinerySetter Ridge WineryStone Barn Cellars WineryStonekeep MeaderyStoudt’s Winery, and Weathered Vineyards.

Visit for a list of wineries, more information on their events and even a downloadable wine trail map!



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Photo of Joe DiRosa
Joe DiRosa

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several brands and web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

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Virtual Reality? Video Games the Right Way! $1,000+

You may have seen virtual reality in the movies or on your favorite TV show but right now your kids are hoping you drop $1,000+ and fulfill their gaming dreams.  In this article, we are going to review the Playstation VR available this Christmas.

Chances are you have heard of Playstation before but you may not have tried the just over a year old virtual reality set up available from SONY for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PlayStation VRPhoto of SONY VR Skyrim bundle

SONY’s new Playstation VR comes with three main elements which support virtual reality gaming. Purchasers will need to make sure they have the VR Headset, PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Move Controllers.  All three are essential for the virtual reality experience.

SONY’s Playstation VR is an immersive dive into 3-D gaming and provides unique, graphically enhanced 3D gaming. The headset is less cumbersome than you might imagine and once inside it is easy to get lost within the 3D environments which several of the games provide.

The Games

Games such as Farpoint, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Grand Tourismo, Resident Evil 7 and over 200+ titles provide immersive gameplay for the heavy gamers.

PlayStation 4 Pro

For those of you who have advanced to 4K television and who are feeling extra generous for the holidays, you may want to upgrade your gaming system to the new PlayStation 4 Pro. With a  faster processor, better graphics card and support for 4k graphics and streaming, the PlayStation 4 Pro might be what your gaming system needs for 2018! 


As with any gaming system, there are a number of accessories which make the gaming experience come to life. The VR Headset, Move Controllers, and PlayStation Camera are all required but these accessories will make your gaming experience top notch.

Photo of SONY AIM controller bundleAim Controller

Available in a bundle with Farpoint for $79.99 from most stores that sell PlayStation VR, the Aim Controller puts the feeling of a real rifle in your hands. It makes games like Farpoint, ROM: Extraction, Bravo Team, and Arizona Sunshine so much more realistic and fun to play.

Steering Wheels

Are you a Grand Tourismo fan? Like racing games? Well look into one of the awesome steering wheels and shifting pedal packages that are compatible with PlayStation VR. For driving fanatics, there is nothing like using Playstation VR and one of the driving accessories packages to make you feel like you are in the car. Wait till you’re behind the Ferarri 458 Italia downshifting into that turn and Indianapolis in the Playstation VR  Headset.

What we recommend:

PlayStation VR: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Bundle: $450

Photo of SONY Skyrim VR bundle box

PlayStation Pro (Star Wars: Battle Front 2): $450

Photo of Playstation Pro Battlefront II bundle

FarPoint Aim Controlled bundle: $79.99

Photo of Sony VR AIM controller bundle

Racing Wheels (Several Manufacturers):  $199 – $399

Games : $20 -$49 +   

Make sure you pick up 4-5 games to make sure to get full use out of the system 


You can pick up the PlayStation Pro, Playstation VR, games and accessories at Best Buy in Wyomissing or you can order this starter package online through Amazon!

Playstation 4 Pro 1TB Console + Playstation 2 Pack Move Motion Controllers + Playstation VR Bundle ( 3 – Items )


About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

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Exotic Car Shopping in Berks County! decided to see what new exotic cars you might be able to purchase without leaving Berks County!


BMW i8 Roadster

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The 2018 BMW i8 is here and there is now an option for a convertible! Butterfly doors and the unique styling of BMW’s i8 are sure to turn heads when you stop for Starbucks! With several upgrades for the 2018 model including increased battery power packs and more horsepower, the new i8 Roadster should be on your short list of new cars to pick up in 2018!

You don’t even need to leave Berks County to pick it up and get it serviced! Run down to BMW of Reading and put your estimated $150,000+ deposit down and make sure you have one of the first models off the line!

BMW of Reading – 1015 Lancaster Ave, Reading, PA 19607

Acura NSX 

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Have a bit of 90’s nostalgia but still looking for the freshest supercar on the market? Check out Honda’s updated Acura NSX! This new addition to the modern day supercar lineup has a fresh look, 573 HP V-6, and it gets over 20 MPG! Seriously though if you are looking for a fresh take on a classic supercar then Acura’s new NSX might be the way to go. Head down to Piazza Honda and order one today! Last time I was in there they said they likely wouldn’t have one in stock but you can custom design your car to order on their large video rendering display. Prices start at about $150k!

Piazza Honda*  – 915 Lancaster Ave, Reading, PA 19607

* For those of you who are just interested in viewing a few exotics and doing a little window shopping then check out the secondary show room at the back of Piazza Honda. The owner has several of his personal collection of exotic vehicles on display for anyone who wants to take a few minutes and stop by. It is a great collection with some rare vehicles and is a great way to spend an hour with the kids and grab a couple great photos!

Dodge Demon

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Probably the most hyped and equally most impressive supercars heading into 2017. The Dodge Demon has been the subject of an incredible amount of press due to its 0 – 60 mph time of less than 3.0 secs and the youtube videos of the Demon matching up against Tesla.

2018 brings us a 0 – 60 mph time of 2.3 secs which is ridiculous, 100 mph in 5.1 secs and the 1/4 mile in a lightning fast 9.65 secs. The SRT Demon is the first factory-production car available with a specially-calibrated engine control computer to take advantage of 100 plus octane race gas which is going to make it super desirable for gear heads.

The Demon is priced at $84,995, which is an unheard of bargain for this type of performance!

Savage Dodge – 4645 Pottsville Pike, Reading, PA 19605


2018 Ford GT

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Now if I am you and happen to be friends with my local Ford dealership then I might run down quickly and put a reservation on a 2018 production model of the Ford GT! This car is so beautiful with it’s design and structure. I believe they are only making 250 of them per year for four years so this might be the last chance you have. Given their limited production and awesome design, these are going to be sure-fire collector vehicles. 

The performance behind these beauties isn’t too bad either with a 647 hp V-6 that does a top speed of 216 mph. Don’t forget to check out the Heritage Edition celebrating the Ford GT’s 50th Anniversary win at Le Mans in 1967! 

The Ford GT starts at about $450,000 if you can get your hands on one!

Tom Masano Ford Lincoln – 1600 Lancaster Ave, Reading, PA 19607


This is by no means a complete list of all the exotics available in Berks County. There are many exotics available on the 2nd hand market and there are certainly other dealers that have vehicles available that might fit your desires. These four examples are just a few of my favorites!

Your dream vehicle can be found here whether you are looking for an investment, a weekend car, or a daily driver!


About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent with RealtyTopia in Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at

How about a Private Jet Vacation? is going to take a look at booking a private jet for your Winter vacation. 


Whether you are thinking of a quick run to the Swiss Alps, a trip to Aspen, or a vacation in Rio for Carnival, we all know the easiest and most hassle-free way to travel is by private jet. Leather seats, champagne and a luxurious hassle-free ride to your destination make private charter plans the preferred method of travel by the world’s elite. 

photo of Lear 31 Light Jet interior
Lear 31 Light Jet

There are three main classes of jets available for charter depending on your travel desires. Light jets have a range of about 2,000 miles and hold about 6-8 passengers. These are the smallest of the private aircraft which rent for $3,250 a flight hour. 

Robert Ettinger, the CEO of Millennium Aviation out of Reading Airport explained that “Your typical Palm Beach weekend getaway costs about $22,500 for the weekend. You have about 6 hrs of flight time plus the cost of putting the crew up for the weekend.” Palm Beach or New Orleans for Mardi Gras a Light sized aircraft might be the most affordable way to travel by private jet. 

Hawker 800 Mid Sized Jet, interior
Hawker 800 Mid Sized Jet

“Your midsized jets range is about 3,000 miles, still hold about 6-8 passengers though they are quite a bit more luxurious and rent for $4,250 an hour of flight time.”

“Heavy Jets hold 14-16 passengers and are suited for transcontinental and transoceanic flights. These jets rent for between $5,000 -$8,000 per hour of flight time. Your typical L.A. weekend vacation would be about $65,000 including 12 hours of flight time plus the cost of putting the crew of three up for the weekend.”

Wether you are heading to the Alps or just down to Miami for the weekend, traveling by private jet is certainly an option here in Berks County, Pennsylvania!

Gulfstream IV Heavy Jet, interior
Gulfstream IV Heavy Jet

For short trips down the coast with a few friends for the weekend, we recommend the Lear 31 which holds seven passengers and has a range of 1,600 miles.

Clients looking for longer getaways, elite travelers might opt for the mid-sized Hawker 800 which holds 8 passengers and a range of about 2,800 miles or savvy luxury travelers might go all in for the Gulfstream IV, 14 Passenger heavy jet which has a flight range of an astonishing 4,200 miles.

For more information contact Millennium Aviation out of the Reading Airport at 610-372-4728 or visit



About the Author – 

Joe DiRosa is the Founder, Publisher & Editor of I am an Entrepreneur, own several web properties, and am a Licensed Real Estate Agent in with RealtyTopia Wyomissing PA.  I have experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been previously licensed as a Real Estate Agent in the State of New York as well.

If you have any questions or are looking for a property you can call me at 610-390-1331 or email me at