50% of City of Reading residents testing positive for Coronavirus


Reading, PA – According to data provided by the state of Pennsylvania, residents of many of the City of Reading’s zip codes are testing positive for COVID-19 at al alarming rate of 50%.

Data from health.pa.gov reveals that the City of Reading zip codes 19601, 19602, 19604 and 19611 are showing some of the highest positive rates in the state of Pennsylvania. 

The PA Dept of Health is reporting that City of Reading zip code 19604 is reporting the most alarming

COVID-19 testing statistics from health.pa.gov

results within Berks County with 556 residents testing positive for COVID-19 and 577 residents testing negative. The PA Dept of Health is also reporting 22 probable cases for the 19604 zip code which brings the number of COVID-19 positive cases to 578, one more than all tests that came back negative. These astounding test results bring the percentage of people testing positive in the 19604 zip code to just over 50%. 

Zip Code 19611 is also reporting similarly high positive results with 238 positive test results and 245 negative COVID-19 cases. Zip Code 19611, which stretches into the Millmont and 18th Ward District areas is reporting positive COVID-19 results at a rate of 49.2%. 

Te heart of the city is also reporting alarming results with Zip Code 19601 having the most positive test results within Berks County and reporting positive results in 45.3% of tests. The 19601 zip code is reporting 633 positive results, 23 probable positives, and 793 negative tests.  The Southside of Reading which includes zip code 19602 is reporting 330 positive tests and 440 negative test results for a positive testing rate of 42.8%. 

Data from the PA Dept of Health seems to reveal that more rural areas such as Hamburg’s 19526 have been spared with only 45 positive test results and 201 negative COVID-19 tests. There has been no information provided as to why Hamburg’s 19526 zip code is reporting an infection rate of 18.3%, less than half the 50% rate being reported in some of the city of Reading’s zip codes. 

Data suggests that the Spring Township zip code of 19608 is struggling with an unusually high infection rate among its residents with an infection rate of 41%. 19608 has reported 252 positive test results with 361 results coming back negative for COVID-19. The 41% infection rate for Spring Township is unusually high with no other rural zip code in Berks County reporting higher than a 33% positive rate.


*All statistics were acquired from the PA Department of Health website at health.pa.gov.